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See  what we are working on and give us your feedback


We have created a service which allows you to send a request to a list of 10 pre-selected companies. 

Once you fill in your information (the company will use this to identify you) you can send two kinds of requests:

  • Access my data
    See the data the company holds about you.


  • Delete my data
    Request the company to delete the data they hold about you.

Also, tell us which companies we should add to the list. Looking forward to your feedback.



  • We don't store any information you fill in here.

  • This service currently only works for Gmail email. For any other emails (eg. Apple or Hotmail email), once you completed the request form and click the "Wisard me!" button, you will have to copy the auto-generated email template.

  • In case you use your Gmail account, we will send you a copy of the data request, so that you can keep track of it in your email. 

Thanks for submitting!
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