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Welcome to the era of


Wisard empowers users to

discover where their digital data is, and reduce their online exposure to avoid risks.

Wisard is free, secure and meets the highest standards of privacy

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Registered with ICO

CASA Tier 2 certified

Verified by Google

The Wisard Era

Wisard represents how data privacy and digital consent should be made accessible to everyone.

Find who has your personal data
Take control of the Facebook personal data

We don't store your data,
We discover it.

Wisard allows you to discover, manage and control the data you have shared online.

Learn more about our Privacy Promise on our Ethos Page.

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Discover your digital footprint within 60 seconds

Login or Register using your Google Account


Our algorithm will generate your footprint, without reading or storing your messages.

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Proactively take action to remove unnecessary data

Ask companies to send you details of your data, to stop sharing it, or delete your data.

Use one of the pre-filled replies.

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Manage your privacy in one place

Check all your progress, requests and footprint in one place.

Reduce your risk of online exposure and be a part of the growing privacy-aware ecosystem.

Creating impact by empowering people


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Bringing the power of data ownership

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